Project references

Successful launch of Pantozol Control as the first EU-wide prescription-free proton pump inhibitor in 13 European countries:

  • Support and substantiation of relevant and competitive scientific product claims
  • Development of pharmacy training, including both conventional training and eLearning
  • Training of sales force
  • Management of publications to support launch
  • Management of KOL (gastroenterologists) panel for consensus meetings and publications
  • Organization and management of publications and presentations supporting Pantoprazole at Digestive Diseases Week and United European Gastroenterology Week
  • Preparation for discussions with regulatory authorities

Scientific support of Nycomed brands and international medical, marketing, sales and market research colleagues with focus on Europe, Russia and Brazil

Full responsibility for a Phase IIIb clinical trial for a new over-the-counter (OTC) analgesic product, including initiation, planning, management and success

  • Responsibility for study protocol development
  • Responsibility and management of the Clinical Research Organization
  • Full responsibility for the management of the study medication
  • Time and budget management
  • Publication management of the successful study

Launch of a new probiotic brand, with a focus on the emerging markets Russia and Brazil


Establishing a KOL network and database for GSK‘s oral healthcare business for brands such as Sensodyne, Chlorehexamed, Parodontax, and Dr. Best. Initiation of KOL consensus meetings and publication management 

Concept, planning and execution of several clinical trials to support GSK‘s oral healthcare brands. Marketing of clinical trial results at conferences and PR events, and through publications

Concept development, planning, execution and launch of a pharmacy exclusive healthcare portal with certificated eLearning 

Comprehensive PR activities for the GSK brands Odol Med 3, Dr. Best, Medacalm and Abtei

Successful sales performance of OTC products in pharmacies

Market research experience with healthcare experts and consumers in business development projects

Launch supporting activities of other GSK products with responsibility for scientific claims, training and claim defence against competitors